Update to Delivery Process

As with many businesses, the pandemic has affected our ability to manage some of our practices. As we’ve lost staff and volunteer participation is waning, and with increased per-order processing costs due to lower delivery volume, going forward, we will be using third-party couriers for your delivery orders.

What this means for the market: We can focus more on providing in-person wellness programs, interact in more meaningful ways with our in-person customers, and maintain better consistency with your deliveries.

What this means for you: Knowing exactly when you order will arrive and earlier deliveries. In some cases, slightly higher delivery fees. In some cases, couriers won’t be able to deliver to your location. If you’re no longer on the map, please contact us for a case-by-case review to see what we can do to get your orders to you.

Do you have a local business? Please consider joining us as a sponsor!

With most community-based organizations, funding is an ongoing challenge. The market doesn’t receive significant amounts of revenue from the weekly market, and our current expenses exceed our income. Regardless, we still want to offer community wellness programs, including yoga, cooking lessons, gardening lessons and music, and must sustain our weekly market. We need your help in doing this. Our goal is to build relationships with local businesses and families who would like to sponsor the market.

Thank you to our many supporters who have made donations to the market, to help keep things going, and to support our community wellness initiatives. As a sponsor, you will be recognized as a market partner and will be recognized for your contribution, if you so choose. Your business will gain increased exposure through our social media channels, signage and participation in the market; and you will be directly contributing to the continuance of community wellness programs right where you live and work. Your tax-deductible donation as a market sponsor will help keep this institution alive.

Upcoming New Vendor Faire

One of the challenges in running a market is curating that perfect balance of vendors. We understand that community participation in the market is largely dependent on offering the right assortment. Within the next few weeks, we’ll be coordinating a fair that will allow you to vote on what vendors you’d like to see at the market. Potential vendors will be invited to visit over a series of weeks, with samples of their food, new products, etc. and YOU will help decide which of these vendors will join us, either on a weekly or rotational basis.


  1. This is exciting to see such thoughtful wording and community focused offerings. (I’m fairly new to Altadena and just looked up the Farmers Market).


    1. Thank you, Claudia, and welcome to Altadena!!!


    2. Thank you so much and welcome!


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