Quinn and Bella of Kikay Earrings and Accessories

Special thanks to our new market sponsors, Quinn and Bella of Kikay earrings and accessories.

Here’s their story:

Bella and I (Quinn) met our freshman year of college at USC and started dating in the Spring – a couple months later in the summer Bella was doing makeup and photography for her Instagram account and she needed accessories to compliment the looks, so she designed a few pieces of jewelry to go with them. She posted the looks and one of our classmates reached out asking if she wanted to sell them as a vendor at a concert she was hosting – Bella asked me for help putting some marketing materials and branding together and we did our first vending show that summer in 2020. We then started a website and Instagram, and saved up for a laser cutter and the rest is history! Kikay has been around for over 3 years now, and we moved to Altadena at the start of 2021 and Kikay came with us. Kikay now operates out of our home workshop in Altadena and we work full time on it now that we’ve graduated. We launch a new collection and restock existing styles every 3 weeks and all product is handmade and shipped out from our home by us 🙂

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Thank you Bella and Quinn! We appreciate you!