Online Store is OPEN!


We have immeasurable gratitude for market supporters who have covered the costs of replacing our wind-ravaged banner!
As we mentioned last week, in addition to replacing the banner, your tax-deductible donations also cover the costs of the many wellness offerings that make us unique among local farmers markets. Those programs include cooking classes, yoga in the park, upcoming art lessons, upcoming dance lessons, meditation and more! We are a community space that is dedicated to total wellness, starting with food, but inclusive of so much more.
Your donations are the ONLY way we can keep these programs running! Thank you for your continued support!
In all the hoopla over the banner, we haven’t seen many sales this week. Don’t forget that our online store is open!
Farmer Ken has dropped prices on assorted citrus bags and Meyer lemons!
Polar Bear Kitchen is now available through our online store!
There was a glitch with King and King Ranch Pinkerton avocados and sweet limes. Both are available! Sorry about that! Fortunately, you still have time to grab some!
Thanks, everyone! See you, soon!

Altadena Farmers’ Market

600 W. Palm Street, Altadena, CA, 91001

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