Hyper-local Sprouts are BACK at the Altadena Farmers Market THIS WEDNESDAY!!! 

🌱Sprouts, Girl Scout Cookies and Your EBT Benefits for Hot Food! Join Us at Market This Week!🍪

Hyper-local sprouts are back at the Altadena Farmers Market THIS WEDNESDAY!!!

Join us this Wednesday from 3pm (soft opening) to 7pm

600 W Palm Street, Altadena

🌱Bayleaf Mama is offering a selection of #h#hyperlocal sprouts and micro greens, grown less than a mile from the market! She’s been working over the past several months to get her permits and create a mix of nutrient-dense greens that you’ll love. Her produce can be found with Jake at Mumm Family Homestead’s stand. Jake also has Pummelos and kumquats!

💰🌮Don’t forget that THIS WEEK, you can use your EBT benefits to purchase HOT food from our food trucks and other hot food vendors! PLUS, when you get EBT coins, you ALSO get #marketmatch , which can be used towards any fresh produce!

🍪Girl Scout Cookies at the market!!! For the next four weeks, we’ll be hosting local troops who’ll be selling their world-famous cookies. Stop by and grab a box (or two, or ten)!

Best parking:

Loma Alta Park parking lots on Sunset Ridge, Loma Alta Drive, Staging area on Loma Alta Drive