Underwood Family Farms

Underwood Family Farms is a local producer of sustainably grown produce using modern methods. We make that judgement based on the following criteria:

1. Healthy, bio-diverse soil

  • Cover crops provide rotation and organic matter to stimulate healthy soil biology.
  • Compost and green waste mulch build organic matter
  • Crop rotation buffers the build up of soil diseases that affect each crop family.

2. Natural pest management

  • Crop diversity and companion planting help beneficial insects
  • Release of beneficial insects partially control some pests.
  • Scouting and pheromone traps monitor the buildup of harmful pests
  • Soft materials don’t upset the balance.
  • There are many new bio controls. No magic bullet but natural antagonists.

3. Water efficiency

  • Almost all crops are irrigated with trickle tape.
  • Frequent short watering uses only the moisture the crop requires.
  • Plastic mulch conserves water.

4. Fertilizer use

  • Soil sample and tissue samples determine plant nutrition needs.
  • Fertigation minimizes waste and leaching.

5. Sediment and erosion control

  • Cover crops and drip irrigation

6. Pollination Assistance

  • Bees are important to aid pollination

7. Food Safety

  • A formal food safety program has been adopted by the farm.

UFF does not grow any GMO crops. That is not a statement for or against, but reflects the fact that some consumers have a prejudice against GMO and also there are almost no fruits and vegetables that are GMO.

UFF sells directly to the consumer, thus providing the freshest possible produce through two farm stands, u-pick, farmers markets, and ag-promotional events.