My Daddy’s Recipes

I’ve been cooking ever since I was in preschool! I was always a child that loved to eat and my mom and dad learned early on that if they didn’t want  to get up early on a Saturday morning to a burning house from me putting a chair up to the stove and trying to make breakfast for me and the family it would be best for them to teach me how to safely do what was in my heart- cook!  Luckily my dad was a southern cook and a restaurant owner, so this was not a hard task.  So from easy bake ovens to a chair up to a stove that I was too little to reach, I present to you the chef’s daughter, Kia! Hi I’m Kia, one of my dad’s best recipes and the food I prepare for you are my daddy’s recipes with a twist!

My Inspiration


My favorite thing to do as a cook is to prepare my daddy’s recipes and make them vegan, gluten free or just a little better for you while keeping the flavor that causes a party on your tongue.   My daddy’s original recipes were definitely good to you but not necessarily good for you! So as my dad’s recipe I want my customers to have flavorful long lives so I take out a few things that are not good for you and replaced them with good for you ingredients and lots of love!

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