Thank YOU for Your Support!

After several very slow in-person market weeks, we really need your support!

Based on survey feedback:
You would like to see new prepared food vendors
You would like to see more produce
You would like to keep the market going
We would like all of the same but need your continued support to do this. Adding vendors is like a catch 22. If they don’t sell they don’t return. If they don’t return, YOU don’t return. Let’s work to support the vendors we presently have, so that we can enhance and expand the market with more produce, possibly find a new meat vendor and add more food.
Can we count on you to join us?
Ways to support:
Visit on Wednesdays between 4pm and 7pm
Other ways to support the market (these links are also available through the Linktree link in our IG bio):
Please make your monthly contribution here:
•If you’re interested in sponsoring the market, please visit here:
•For a one-time donation, please visit here:
•If you’re interested in volunteering at the market, please visit here:

Thank you for your continued support!