Thank you for your donations!

Our online market is open!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the market! Don’t forget that the market will either stay or cease to exist based on community support. So, if you love the market and want to support our local vendors, shopping the market in-person or online and making donations to keep the market going are literally the ONLY ways to keep it open.
Candid moment: the work of running a farmers’ market is exhausting. With the little revenue that this independent market generates, and all of our monthly permit fees, I haven’t been able to pay myself in three months. So, when folks ask why vendors have left, or where the food trucks are or why there’s no music on a given week… or, when they say, “oh, yeah. I used to go but haven’t made it up there in a while”, I wonder if it’s all worth the effort.
We love what we do, and absolutely love that we can provide fresh produce to our community; but, if it’s unsustainable due to lack of support, it can not stay. That just is what it is. Economics. Common sense.
In the past, with slow sales, the market was able to stay open because the park charged very low permit fees, and market payroll had a different structure. Those monthly fees have increased by over 500%, but sales haven’t also increased commensurately.
So, what do we do? I’m doing MY part, and beyond. The vendors who show up every week are doing THEIR part. Here’s what YOU can do to help, if you’d like to keep the market open:
Make an online, tax-deductible donation to the market, especially if you want the market to stay, but just can’t make it to the market or place an order right now.
Shop the online market and tell a friend to do the same
Visit the in-person market and, in addition to picking up dinner, buy your locally-grown produce there

That’s all I’ve got today. Stay safe, everyone! We love and appreciate you!

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