Thank You For Showing Up For Our Producers!

Thank you for the online sales and donations! We still need your support! Please keep it going! Online sales also help our farmers during this rainy season, allowing them to sell in spite of the weather that’s hampering their other farmers market sales. One of the reasons we provide this online option is to give our local producers the chance to earn a living in spite of adverse conditions (like pandemics and weather).
This has been the busiest online sales week in MONTHS! We’ve raised about $500 of the $3k we need to catch up on park permit fees. Any donation will help.
If you’d like to see the market in March, please support, today!
Ways to support our local market vendors:
Visit in person on Wednesdays and shop!
This week online:
@kingandkingranch gold nugget mandarins and tangelos!
@MummFamilyHomestead adds hyper-local sugar snap peas! Quantities are limited!
@KatsMacaronsandstuff pays tribute to our Girl Scouts
Our new Bagel Bundle collaboration with @BayleafMama @MummFamilyHomestead @KingandKingRanch and @DoughboyCollective comes with everything you need for a locally-produced bagel breakfast!
Did you know that you can still purchase from @UnderwoodFamilyFarms, online?
Purchase a gift card for a new neighbor, birthday gift, etc. :
Make an online donation. Due to a slow winter season, we are about $3k behind in park permit fees. They’re giving us an extension through the end of April. Any help is appreciated:

Let’s keep these local producers here in Altadena! West Altadena NEEDS this food source and our vendors love being part of this community.