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Our online store is open Thursday – Saturday
Our market has been really slow lately, and current sales – both in person and online – are not sustainable for keeping the market open.
Fortunately, we’re still adding to our online options, making it easy to support our local vendors!
Murray Family Farm has added to their online options:
Organic Pomegranates
Organic grapes
Organic jujubes
Organic Hachiya persimmons
Thank you for your continued support of the market! Don’t forget that you can support our local vendors in so many ways! (You can find these links in our IG bio, too!)
🌽Shop the market, online or in person. This also helps in bringing more produce vendors to the market, and/or keeping our existing vendors.
🍇Tell a friend about the market. Bring a friend to the market.
🥑Volunteer at the market:
🥒Donate to the market:
🎵☮️💃🏾Do you play an instrument, have a band or teach a class? Consider joining us to teach and promote your talents at the market!

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