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Online Pre-Orders will resume on Thursday, December 30th at 10 AM for the January 5, 2022, market!

Our online store is open!

Local artists will join us again next week. Shop for everything else ahead of time!
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We operate to provide local access to fresh produce and sustainable foods to NW Altadena which has been identified as a food desert. Our services include hosting local produce and food producers weekly, seasonal wellness programs, a relaunch of our healthy eating demonstrations, and partnership with the Loma Alta Park to provide cooking lessons for their after-school programs.
Our current market revenue falls far below the costs of running the market, and hinders our ability to keep the market running, much less provide the much-needed wellness programs we’ve been implementing.
Your support allows us to continue this community work. If you’d like to see it continue, please make a donation, today, shop, today and help keep the market going!
❄️❄️❄️We also hope to meet sponsorship partners. If you have a local business, and would like to sponsor the AFM, let’s talk! Our sponsors will be featured on our website, upcoming banner on Lake Avenue, and on our social media pages, which reach over 13,000 local residents!
Please email for more information.❄️❄️❄️