Online Store Open Through Sunday!

Since I didn’t announce our online store on Thursday, we’ll keep it open through Sunday! My apologies for the miss. I hope that doesn’t keep you from supporting our wonderful local farmers and producers!

New This Week:

King and King Ranch Hass 🥑 are back!
🥬The Farmer Ken has organic chard, kale and citrus. It’s also a great time to grab one of his loose leaf teas!🍋
Chef Sonia Chang has added gluten-less blueberry muffins!
Kat’s 3rd week of international macarons. I think this week is my favorite:
S’mores – US
Tiramisu – Italy
Knafeh (sweet cream, sugar syrup, nuts, rose & orange blossom) – Levant
Linzor torte (hazelnut, fruit jam, cloves, cinnamon, lemon) – Austria
Sticky rice, mango, coconut milk – Thailand
Golden milk (condensed milk, turmeric, coconut) – Sri Lanka
Don’t forget that our local vendors also offer sustainable seafood, body care and so much more!

The last couple weeks of online sales have been really slow. Thank you for your continued support of our farmers and producers! They need you!