This Giving Tuesday is tomorrow, 11/29.

The Altadena Farmers Market has served the community for over ten years.
Many of our local food producers got their start at the Altadena Farmers Market and continue to thrive.
During the pandemic, we supported the community through the arduous task of converting the AFM to a completely no-contact, virtual market; during that same time, we provided free produce to those who faced the highest risk of food insecurity.
We continue, to support our local farmers, artists, food producers, non-profit organizations and Loma Alta Park. We continue to offer a gathering space for community and a resource for sustainable, locally sourced food; and we make that food more accessible by offering EBT benefits and Market Match.
The Market gives back every Wednesday at a tremendous cost, and we love what we do. Operating the market far exceeds our revenue. But, after soliciting the Park, County and State, our local community seems to be our only support in keeping the market open. Your tax-deductible donations helped us support others through the pandemic and after. Please help us continue this work. Our fundraising goal for Giving Tuesday is $4500. Will you help us reach it?
ANY donation helps and is greatly appreciated. More specific amounts include:
Single donation of $750 – covers our park permit for one month.
Single donation of $500 – covers security for one month.
Single donation of $2000 – covers @ a little less than one month of payroll
We’d love to bring back music weekly, which runs @ $150 per week.