Buy Nothing-ish Giveaway!

Stop by TODAY to cool down with local produce, smoothies and more! And grab a few FREE items to keep your little ones busy!

6/15: Come by to see if you’d like any of the items we’re giving away. They include water hoses, kid’s science kits, dishes, etc. Please do not bring anything to give away THIS Wednesday.

We’re still working to reduce waste and build community. Now that the school year is over, let’s see who wants to turn unwanted toys, books, clothing, etc. into someone else’s useful treasure!

6/22: Community give-away and yard sale. Register here (or see the link in our bio)

ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE. Bring items that can easily be transported in and out of the market by hand or hand truck (think clothes, not swing sets).

Let’s make the Altadena Farmers Market our weekly gathering spot. Connect with friends in the park and support our local economy! See you,soon!